Vespid Stingwing

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[edit] Background

The Vespid Stingwings are one of the most trusted and respected mercenaries employed in the Tau Empire. Their plane of origin is Vespid which is situated three light years south of the D'yanoi Sept. They live in the hollowed out islands which float in the planet's atmosphere.

Due to the hostile nature of the planet, the Vespid have undergone various genetic changes to survive. They have large wings which can beat at an alarmingly fast rate in order to stay aloft and travel through the atmosphere in which they live. Their claws are incredibly hard in order to allow them to dig through the islands they live in creating further tunnels to link up their civilization. Their sturdy nature is of great value to them, as they're not the only creatures on Vespid who would like to live in the safety of the underground lairs.

Another interesting feature for the Tau was that the Vespid are a decently developed race. The larger of their islands were found to have a government in each creating their own nations. The Vespid also try to avoid war through diplomacy as their weaponry is rather advanced and the destruction which would come of it would gain nothing for nobody.

The weapons themselves are also quite unique, not only are they unable to be produced anywhere but on the planet but the Vespid are also the only creature which can use them at the current point in time. They're relatively similar in shape to the average weapon but what makes them special is the large crystal situated inside the barrel. These crystals contain huge amounts of energy and in turn are slightly unstable. They grow abundant in the very lowest levels of the largest islands. Due to the extremity of their location, only the female Vespid can actually retrieve them who are the larger of the two genders and therefore the dominant one in Vespid society. Now with the Tau's help they've managed to stabalise the weapons to a large degree, with a mount for the crystal designed to protect the user. Not only does it provide the Vespid a safe but powerful weapon, but they also gave it little enhancements such as a better focus and longer range. The actual usage is still beyond everything else though as the power of the crystal itself is harnessed by the beating of the Vespid's wings due to the specific tones emitted.

When contact was made with the Tau, the Vespid were surprisingly friendly in comparison to other races merged into the empire. They immediately bowed down to the Tau as their superiors, ready to do what must be done for the greater good. In order to communicate, the Tau developed a special helmet which they gave to all the leaders in order to talk to the race. This helmet has been the speculation of rumours that the Tau use it to control the race hence their easy assimilation but nothing has come of the claims.

Since their joining of the Tau Empire the Vespids have already made massive progress and have developed a close bond with the Fire Caste of the Tau. The Vespid have the speed which the Tau lack and the brutality to give a good fight in close combat, something the relatively small built Tau could never hope to achieve unless through the use of some technology. Due to this usefulness, they are often deployed alongside Pathfinder Teams in order to search ahead as a scout party, ambush enemy squads or create an effective backup unit. The close combat role, however, is normally handed over to the Kroot. Having said this, the Kroot have yet to earn the trust and respect of the Tau due to their somewhat devious nature.

[edit] Models

Vespid Stingwing Strain
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