Tortured Slave

A Tortured Slave unit in the Black Heart army.
They told me I would build things...not be beaten all the time!

The Tortured Slave is the Builder unit of the Dark Eldar. They are far from simple builder units; rather than staying by a structure until it is built, the Tortured Slave will set up an automatic building bug that will build the structure automatically. Therefore once the bug is set, the Tortured Slave can then go onto the next building, and so on.

As well as this ability, they can also use the Harvest Souls ability, allowing them to pick up souls left by dead units to add to the amount of Soul the player has collected. Placing Tortured Slaves in a Soul Farm is a simple and effective way to build up soul in mass amounts.

[edit] Dawn of War

Tortured Slaves are requisitioned from the Kabal Fortress, the Dark Eldar HQ (as is the case with most builder units). Being builder units, they are available from the start, and 1 Tortured Slave will be on the field ready for you to use right away. They are single units, and you are only permitted the use of 5 Tortured Slaves on the field at one time.

[edit] Stats

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Resource cap infantry.gif
  Close/Ranged Attack  

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