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Relmutsie, somehow you broke the main page with the left hand side part, I checked the bit before you edited the first page and it was fine, but now the first page seems a bit bugged if you can see, I haven't a clue about the code though, so if you can, could you try to fix?


[edit] Left side

Wasn't me bud. =/

While we're talking here, I was going to put the links in too, but later, so that we don't completely clutter the "wanted pages" list. What do you think?

Thanks for your contributions. :)

[edit]  :P

Best to do it now before we forget in the future to be honest, don't think you can clutter the 'wanted pages' some people might only want to do something about the necrons, but look at the wanted pages and see nothing to do with them there :)

[edit] Naming Edits

Hey guys,

For ease of reading for the rest of us, can everyone who makes an edit please be sure to sign up, even if it's just a text line with their name?


- Mishtram

[edit] Duplicate pages

Hey guys, I'm sure by now that you've noticed one or two pages of the same name and basically the same subject; namely Dawn of War II and The Imperial Guard. For now I'm going to ask you to leave these pages be. I've fixed the The Imperial Guard page and merged it with Imperial Guard; I've also requested for the former's deletion. The same with Dawn of War II; the real page for that is Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II.

In the future, please be more wary of the pages that have been created already. I know I should've mentioned something about The Imperial Guard page, but I was hoping I could get round to that sooner. It's all good now. But please take note.

Thank you all.

~Relmutsie AN, 28/3/09, 13:07 GMT

P.S. Eldar page will be updated with units and structures tonight!

[edit] Racist!


Tomorrow I'm going to make a prototype infobox for all pages in the race category that relate to Dawn of War. The rest will be left, but that's for another day.

Point is, I'm going to put up the infobox, as a demonstration, onto the Imperial Guard page (since I hate them so much). I would like anybody who is interested in this infobox idea to edit and finally confirm that this infobox is a good idea.

Thanks in advance guys. :)

~Relmutsie AN, 29/3/09, 22:11 GMT

[edit] Consistency

I'm curious as to how this Wiki is going to be built up because I'm a massive fan of Warhammer and am going to really dig into this thing. One thing which annoyed me was when I went into the Eldar page. I noticed that there was only Troops and Vehicles as headers. Now this may be all well and good but in the table top game it's based upon the unit types are split into HQ, Elites, Troops, Fast Attack and Heavy Support which I feel is a much better way of categorising them and should be applied across the Wiki. I also don't agree with adding "Squad" onto the end of a unit's name because the page should be created by just the unit name and you can add in how it works as a unit within a certain game on the page otherwise it's not consistent in my eyes.

If anyone has any concerns or disagreements send me a PM, I'll notice it a lot faster than any replies in here. If people are confused toward my logic or want to ask me to clean something up I'm happy to. Like I said, massive fan so I will be working here from now. I'm more than happy to fix what I mentioned above in any race page if it's been done on each one. - Dark Arcanine, March 31st

[edit] Relmutsie AN: Reply

I see your point about the tabletop games. I myself have never owned the figures (although I plan to collect them), so for this reason I typed it down according to the game.

As for the "Squad" attatchment; yes, I see where you're going with that. I'll admit that this whole stunt was laziness on my behalf. You see some races have units of the same name (i.e. Tyranids and Dark Eldar; Warrior) and I found it difficult to edit. Again, laziness. I'd appreciate it if you could do this, a lot. If you want to know how to go about it, then yes, PM me.

Btw; the only reason I replied here is for everyone to see it. Thanks for contributing!

~Relmutsie AN, 30/3/09, 22:34 GMT

P.S. Not sure about the others, but I'm here to stay. ^_^

[edit] DoW2 Reviews

Is there really any need for them?

I mean, instead of copying like 10 reviews, shouldn't we just reword it somehow? I don't know, to me it just seems messy. I mean if we had a little section showing the rating it was given, and then an external link to the review, wouldn't it be MUCH better?

We could do this for all games aswell, if it were to be implemented, rather than the majority of the DoW2 page being reviews that they're hardly going to read.

~Relmutsie AN, 1/4/09, 13:52 GMT

P.S. Pinch punch.

[edit] Mish Response

I honestly don't remember doing the one in Dawn of War II but I could be wrong, likely am. To be honest, the reason I included quotes was so that it would just be one giant mass of links to another site, and that some key points of the review could be on the neowiki itself.

Btw, I haven't even cracked by copy yet of the game we won so not sure if you are going to be seeing me updating anything like that anytime soon. Most Warhammer stuff I know is lore rather than actual game content and Warcraft is going to keep my busy.

Just so you know. -- Mishtram

[edit] Relmutsie AN: Reply

I haven't opened it either. I'm keeping it as an antique at the moment until I can get a better computer (which is guaranteed) so no luck on the DoW2 pages.

I'm also going to be a bit busy now, since I'm juggling 3 wikis at a time. I will be able to do stuff though.

For now we'll keep the page as it is but I'll edit the page some time in the future.

~Relmutsie AN, 7/5/09, 11:13 GMT