Soulstorm (ability)

Soulstorm is an ability used by (and exclusive to) the Dark Eldar to defeat enemy units. It is activated by using the Soul resource. As you could tell by its name, it is implied that the name of the first game to feature the Dark Eldar, Dawn of War: Soulstorm, was based off of this ability.

Soulstorm itself inflicts health and ultimately morale damage. It is probably the most powerful and/or useful of soul abilities since it can deal the most damage, and has the incredible ability to be moved, just like a unit. Utilising this ability can lead to the total destruction of an enemy base and ultimately the annihilation.

Using Soulstorm costs;
Requisition 0
Power 0
Soul 275

[edit] Limitations

  • Soulstorm only lasts for a few seconds.
  • Soulstorm will only effect infantry and heavy infantry units; vehicles and buildings will not be affected. Daemons will also be affected.
  • Soulstorm is also very slow moving.
  • Soulstorm is only available after researching the Planetary Strike add-on.
  • Soulstorm takes the longest out of all soul abilities to recover; meaning that it will take a while before you can use it again.
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