Screams of the Damned

Screams of the Damned is a Dark Eldar ability that requires Soul resource to activate. This is one of two starting abilities. Unlike its cheaper brother, it cannot be used straight away when the game starts, as the player only starts with 50 soul resource.

Screams of the Damned literally fills the whole battlefield with sickening wails; the cries and screams of those that have been tortured by Dark Eldar torturers. This, as a result, temporarily reduces the morale of all enemy units.

Using Screams of the Damned costs;

Resource requisition.gif 0
Resource power.gif 0
Resource soul.gif 60

[edit] Limitations

  • Screams of the Damned only lasts for a short period of time. Unfortunately there is not an easy way to tell when this ability has run out, as it focuses on the enemy's units rather than your own.
  • It is important to note that Screams of the Damned will only reduce morale, not take it all away. The enemy will still have a small amount of morale.
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