Rend Soul

Rend Soul is a specialised Dark Eldar ability that is activated by having a certain amount of Soul resource. It is part of the second group of soul abilities.

Using Rend Soul will strike the enemy with a burst of malevolent energy, tearing at their very souls. Because of this, enemy abilities (as in, unit abilities) will be temporarily disabled. Aswell as this enemy units will be damaged. This would be useful for psychic enemy units such as the Psyker and Librarian, and even more so against the Eldar.

Using Rend Soul costs;

Resource requisition.gif 0
Resource power.gif 0
Resource soul.gif 150

[edit] Limitations

  • Rend Soul only lasts for a certain amount of time.
  • Rend Soul will only work on enemy units. Therefore, all abilities that come from buildings (for example, the Sisters of Battle can activate a morale boosting ability from each of their buildings) can still be activated.
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