Rekindle Rage

Rekindle Rage is a Soul ability exclusive to the Dark Eldar. It is part of the third group of soul abilities (along with Soulstorm), and with good reason; it is one of the most useful of all soul abilities.

Rekindle Rage does exactly what it says on the tin. It reignites the spirit of fury and malice that fuels the power of all Dark Eldar units. However rather than restoring morale like you'd expect, all abilities of the target unit will be instantly recharged. This is particularly useful for units such as Haemonculus, whose abilities are many and powerful.

Using Rekindle Rage costs;

Resource requisition.gif 0
Resource power.gif 0
Resource soul.gif 200

[edit] Limitations

  • Using Rekindle Rage does not mean that you can use abilities more than once in a row until a certain time limit has run out; this is the only Dark Eldar ability that has no time limit.
  • Rekindle Rage only targets one unit.
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