Piercing Vision

Piercing Vision is a Dark Eldar ability that uses the Soul resource to activate. It is the only soul ability that the player can use at the start of the game since it is so cheap. However, if the player chooses to do this and not gather souls afterwards, the player can only use this ability once.

Piercing Vision grants temporary detection to a single squad or vehicle, meaning that they can discover infiltrated units. This is quite useful for the Dark Eldar as they do not have many units that can discover infiltrated squads and vehicles (and in Eldar cases, buildings). It is a useful ability to use if the player decides to infiltrate an enemy base.

Using Piercing Vision costs;

Resource requisition.gif 0
Resource power.gif 0
Resource soul.gif 40

[edit] Limitations

  • Piercing Vision only lasts for a limited period of time.
  • Piercing Vision can only be applied to one unit at a time.
  • Piercing Vision can only be applied to infantry, heavy infantry, vehicles or daemons. Therefore, you cannot use this ability on a Tower of Loathing to attack enemies that would normally be invisible.
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