Imperial Guard

Some Imperial guard troops and heavy weaponry.

The Imperial Guard are the main military arm of the Imperium of Man. The Imperial Guard contains billions of men and women from millions of worlds of the empire. They are capable of deploying large quantities of troops and armour. However, what they make up for in numbers they lack in individual strength, and have the worst morale rate in the game as it drops far too easy; even 3 shots is enough to take their morale completely down.

The Imperial Guard ships are connected to the Emperor through telekinesis. He guides each Imperial ship through space. Without this psychic bond the Imperial ships would become disorganised and lost in space.


[edit] Units

[edit] Infantry

[edit] Vehicles

[edit] Structures

[edit] Armies

  • 101st Vendoland
  • 110th Cadian
  • 180th Cadian
  • 31st Harakoni Warhawks
  • 412th Cadian
  • 51st Coronana Grenadiers
  • 8th Cadian
  • 252nd Kauravan Conservator

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