High Elves

The High Elves who call themselves Asur are a race of Elves on the island of Ulthuan.

These Elves are able to live for 2500 years, and their mages are the best in the world. The Elves are in three sections, The High Elves on Ulthuan, the Wood Elves in the Loren Forest of the Old World, and Dark Elves in the Naggaroth of the New World. The Dark Elves are sworn rivals of the High Elves.

Considered to be the masters of of the 'Art of War', the High Elves possess a fearsome array of weaponary at their disposal, backed by one of the finest fighting forces to grace the Warhammer world. Ranging from their citizen militia to the rarest of the Dragon riders, the High Elves strike with swift and devastating precision. Led by the twins Tyrion, Defender of Ulthuan and Teclis, High Loremaster of the White Tower, the High Elves are on constant high alert to those who wish to plunder their riches.

However, they are unable to assemble large forces due to the limited population of Ulthuan, and as such can be monstered by a force that has scant regard or need for more numbers. As such, the High Elves have turned to magic, are arguably the greatest manipulator of the mystical winds in the Warhammer realm. Whilst Tyrion and Imrik provide the military muscle, Teclis manipulates the winds of magic to lay waste to entire armies. Without this contribution, Ulthuan would cease to exist.

In the not too distant past, the Elves experienced a civil war, when Malekith was denied the Phoenix throne, and a bloody chapter entitle 'The Sundering' took place. Malekith and his followers were expelled from the island, and have become known as the 'Dark Elves'. A deep animosity still exists to this very day.

High Elves are also distrusting of Dwarves ever since the 'War of the Beard', but have been known to cast aside this distrust and work together against a common enemy.

An elegant race, the High Elves face the very real threat of extinction, and are on constant look out for anyone foolish enough to challenge the Elven war-host.

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