Heavy Bolter Turret

A Chaos Space Marines Heavy Bolter Turret

A Heavy Bolter Turret is a simple Twin-Linked Heavy Bolted defense mechanism for use by the Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines and Imperial Guard.

[edit] Background

The Heavy Bolter Turret is able to defend off light machinery, but can be equipped with a Twin-Linked Missile Launcher for use if heavy opponents appear.

These are usually used for defending against light forces, but can be used to back-up the main force. These can also be used for offense as they do not use a strict control zone. If you want to place these, there is a maximum of six per stronghold, so place carefully. They can be upgraded to fire missiles which can destroy vehicles, buildings and (to a lesser extent) the infantry of your enemies.

[edit] Upgrades

The Heavy Bolter Turret isn't particulary known for having a wide range of weapons at its disposal, however its upgrades can, in some ways, be very useful.

  • Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter
  • Twin-Linked Missile Launcher

[edit] Versions

  • Space Marine Heavy Bolter Turret - Standard turret. It is basic to use and very effective against enemies.
  • Chaos Space Marine Heavy Bolter Turret - Another standard turret, similar to that of the Space Marine turret.
  • Imperial Guard Heavy Bolter Turret - These are harder to use because of their large footprint, but make up for this by being the second most powerful turret in the series.
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