[edit] The World of Fenris

Fenris is the harsh and brutal home world of the Space Wolves, founding chapter of the Space Marines. Upon Fenris the local inhabitants, unawares of the grand events played out in space around them, live lives much like that of the Vikings. Clans live in simple tight nit villages. These clans raid other clans for resources and slaves. Covered by a great ocean broken up by small islands the world is mostly traversed by ship. Harsh volcanoes dot the world as tectonic plate movement is abundant over it's entirety.

[edit] People of Fenris

The people of Fenris are hard, strong and courageous folk. They believe that death in battle is an honourable aspiration. They fight accordingly with the ferocity of the beasts that their deity represents, wolves. They travel throughout their world mainly by longship, where the clan leader is all powerful in matters of decision making. Their lives are made hard by the harsh environment of their surrounds.

An almost year long winter means the cold is an ever present threat to the safety of the young and the infirm. This means that the youth must quickly harden themselves to the reality of their world or face a quick death to nature. Only the strong survive on Fenris; Only the strong are welcome to.

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