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A Dreadnought is a walking fighting vehicle used by the Space Marines.


[edit] Background

When a Space Marine is mortally wounded in battle, if they are considered worthy enough they are entombed within a Dreadnought. They can never leave the Dreadnought as it is essentially a life support system on legs and heavily armed.

In this way, the greatest heroes of the Adeptus Astartes can continue to serve long after their lives should have expired. When unleashed upon the battlefield, Dreadnoughts combine literally centuries of combat expirience and battlefield wisdom with incredible amounts of firepower and armour. They are often relied upon by troops to tear open breaches in enemy posistions or to spearhead attacks. Often, the only way to stop a Dreadnought is to tear the remains of the Space Marine from within the armoured sarcophagus.

Dreadnoughts also fill roles within the Space Marine hierarchy off the front line of warfare. Throughout their long lives, they have accumulated a vast amount of wisdom, and can therefore act as advisors, teachers and can fulfil ceremonial roles.

[edit] Venerable Dreadnoughts

Venerable Dreadnoughts are incredibly ancient beings, and are very rare. They are the oldest and most revered of the Dreadnoughts and, with their exceptional armaments and expirience, are very difficult to kill.

[edit] Weapons

Dreadnoughts can be equipped with a number of different weapons:

  • Assault Cannon
  • Twin-linked Autocannon
  • Twin-linked Lascannon
  • Twin-linked Heavy Bolters
  • Missile Launcher
  • Multi-melta
  • Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon - This commonly takes the form of a Power Fist, but other varients, such as blades and claws, have been reported. The Dreadnought Close Combat weapon also incorporates an underslung storm bolter or heavy flamer.

[edit] Variations

  • Siege Dreadnought - The Siege Dreadnought replaces its close combat weapon with a Siege Drill and underslung Heavy Flamer, the idea being that the drill carves into enemy bunkers so that the heavy flamer can fill them with burning promethium.
  • Furioso Dreadnought - This Dreadnought, most commonly seen with the Blood Angels Chapter, incorporates two Dreadnought Close Combat weapons.
  • Grey Knight Dreadnought - In addition to having all the benefits of regular Grey Knights, this Dreadnought has two additional weapon choices; the underslung Heavy Flamer can be replaced with an Incinerator, and it could take a Psycannon as a long-range weapon.

[edit] Notable Dreadnoughts

  • Bjorn The Fell-Handed - The most ancient of all Dreadnoughts, and of all Space Marines, Bjorn used to war alongside the Primarch of the Space Wolves, Leman Russ, and was the only one of his retiune left behind when the Primarch vanished. Bjorn took over leadership of the Legion at that point, becoming the first Great Wolf of the Space Wolves. Since then, he has become so ancient that his services are only ever called upon in times of dire need. He spends longer and longer spells asleep in the deep vaults of the Chapter Fortress on Fenris.

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