Builder Scarabs

A pair of Builder Scarabs

The Builder Scarab is the main builder unit for the Necron army in the RTS game Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. The Builder Scarabs are the only units in the Necron army that can capture locations (Strategic, Relics and Criticals) and build other Necron structures. A unit that is used primarily to build extra Necron structures and capture locations, it is produced in squads of one but can be upgraded to squads of three. They have no attack capabilities and very little health but these are the only builder units which can build and capture out of all the other races in the game.

Builder Scarabs are produced from the Monolith. Being builder units, they are available from the start, and 1 Builder Scarab will be on the field ready for you to use right away. You are only permitted the use of 4 Builder Scarabs on the field at one time.

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Close/Ranged Attack
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