An Ork in Dawn of War II


[edit] Biography

The Orks are the most widespread and warlike race of aliens in the bloodstained galaxy of the 41st millennium. They only live for one thing and that's war. They are constantly fighting anything that gets in the way, even themselves! In fact the only thing keeping the Orks from uniting and bringing down the end of the galaxy is their inability to get along. Were they to organize and unify, they would quickly overwhelm and crush all opposition.

The basic Ork is a musclebound, hulking monster capable of ripping a man apart with it's bare hands. Their battle scarred green skin is tough and highly resistant to pain. In combat they can transform even the most common object into a lethal killing instrument. Orks aren't the brightest creatures in the galaxy, but they do possess a certain low cunning that can catch an overconfident commander off guard. In a word, the Orks are built for war.

[edit] Language

The Orks speak English, like all other races; however, due to the nature of their tusks, they find it hard to pronounce certain words or letters. For starters, they prefer not to pronounce the letter h; the same goes for the suffix er and g. They prefer to use the letter z rather than s when using plurals (as can be told by some of their units), and the nature of their jaw causes them to use the letter f or d rather than th. The letter k often replaces c. They use the letter f as a prefix rather than ph. They may also use the suffix ee rather than y. Finally, rather than saying the, they say da. Lazy? Try telling dem that.

Head Hunter = 'Ead 'Unta
Humies = Humiez
"That's what I was thinking" = "Dat's what I was finkin'"
Phoenetically = Fohnetikalee
The Boys Hut = Da Boyz Hut

[edit] Units

[edit] Infantry

[edit] Vehicles

[edit] Structures

[edit] Armies

  • Bad moons
  • Big Choppaz
  • Blood Axes
  • Deathskulls
  • Evil Sunz
  • Goffs (Goths)
  • Gold Toofs (Gold Tooths)
  • Snakebites

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