Corrosion is a Dark Eldar Soul ability that is part of the second group of soul abilities. It is a highly effective ability to use, but only in certain situations, since it does no damage of its own.

Corrosion creates a cloud of acidic substance, eating away at an enemy's armor; decaying and deteriorating. Due to the poor state of their armor, enemies within the cloud will take additional damage from any and all attacks. When fighting against a large army of infantry, this ability would be useful to use, as they can get killed off quicker by using this ability.

Using Corrosion costs;

Resource requisition.gif 0
Resource power.gif 0
Resource soul.gif 200

[edit] Limitations

  • Corrosion only lasts for a short period of time.
  • Corrosion does not do damage by itself.
  • Corrosion does not inflict morale damage; this damage will be done quicker, however, due to the fact that they will take more health damage.
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