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The Chaos Space Marines or Chaos Marines, are former Space Marines legions who were corrupted by chaos and turned against the Emperor of Mankind.


[edit] Biography

At the birth of the Imperium of Man, fully half of the Emperor's most trusted Space Marines Legions turned against him in a bitter civil war. Brother fought brother, and Mankind stood upon the very brink of extinction. Ten thousand years after their defeat, those same traitors still launch their Black Crusades out of the Eye of Terror, intent upon nothing less than the utter destruction of the Imperium and the death of its weakling Emperor.

Now and forever they had become Chaos Space Marines, despised and feared as traitors and heretics throughout the galaxy.

[edit] History

In the year 30,000, the Emperor of Mankind created twenty beings. These beings were to become the greatest heroes ever known by man - taller, stronger, faster, smarter, more charismatic and virtuous than any mortal man. They were the Primarchs.

Before the Primarch Project was complete, an unknown disaster sucked the Primarch capsules into the warp and scattered them throughout the galaxy. Despite this blow, the Emperor was still able to create the Space Marine Legions from the genetic templates of the Primarchs, and embarked upon the Great Crusade to unite all of mankind into one empire.

Over the course of the Great Crusade, the Emperor was reunited with the Primarchs one by one. Upon finding each of them, the Emperor gave them command of their own Space Marine Legion, which they led to countless victories over the foes of mankind.

Two hundred years after the beginning of the Great Crusade, the greatest of the Primarchs, Horus, became corrupted by the Gods of Chaos and rebelled against the Emperor. Horus' exemplary diplomatic skills and the knowledge of the strengths and weakeness of each of his brother Primarchs enabled him to turn half of them to his cause, causing the galaxy to erupt the largest civil war ever concieveable, known as the Horus Heresy. As the death toll mounted into the trillions on both sides, Horus lead his followers to Terra, the cradle of humanity.

The Heresy ended with the death of Horus at the hands of the Emperor himself. Broken and defeated, Horus' followers, the Chaos Space Marines, fled into a region of space known as the Eye of Terror, where they have resided ever since, waiting for the moment to strike back and finish what Horus started.

Merciless reavers intent upon slaughter and pillage, for ten thousand years. Those who were once the Emperor's greatest defenders have also been the direst threat to his domains. From Shadow strongholds the superhuman soldiers of Traitor Legions and Renegade warbands wage constant and bloody battle against the Imperium.

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